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Europe wants a single set of statutes with which all digital service providers should comply. Such a market should contribute to the cyber security of all European citizens. Special analysis
Cyber security is an “enabler” technology without which we will not be able to advance in the desirable direction. Exclusive article
Recent cyber attacks demonstrate that the first arrow on the attack map almost always points to the privileged credentials bridges that will allow hackers to cross into the network.
Gadi Tirosh of JVP counts 7 reasons why investing in Israeli cyber-security will continue to storm the world
Cyberspace intelligence specialists claim that the business and financial sector should adopt the military intelligence-oriented approach
First-ever comprehensive review by Windward finds data relied on by finance, shipping and security sectors is increasingly manipulated and unreliable. This growing manipulation is possible because AIS (Automatic Identification System), originally designed
According to market research & analysis firm Frost & Sullivan, the global cyber industry is expected to generate a financial turnover of about US$ 155 billion in the year 2020. A fascinating analysis of the connections between money, technology and transp
Eugene Kaspersky envisions a peaceful world including the cyberspace. Until that happens, he calls for a treaty that will ban the development and use of cyberweapons. An exclusive interview with IsraelDefense
Almost none of the world’s security companies is concerned with the question of how to prevent another case of a leak like the Edward Snowden case. Will the implementation of the HFTIM method provide the solution?
After Stuxnet, DDoS attacks, viruses and ransomware, it is the time of social malware. The objective: manipulating public opinion for the purpose of accomplishing political and economic goals